Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas One an All

This year has just whizzed by for me, it's amazing how going back to work part time can take up so much time so hats off to those of you who work and manage your time better than me, I've been so rubbish at it I haven't made 1 single Christmas card so a SUPER BIG apology from me.

It's also been a good year as I  have  been given the all clear for cancer so no more check ups which is a bit scary, some of you will already know that I had a tumour on my tongue,it has left me with a few problems but I work round them as we do. If anyone wants to know more I'm happy to talk about it just email me.

I have still been creating and making jewellery and have done 2 workshops one with talented Andy Skinner and the lovely  Brenda Brown I'm just rubbish at remembering to take photos and making  the time to blog

These pens are covered with polymer clay

Oh yes and I have done the one thing I have always wanted to do and coloured my hair magenta only wash in wash out but looks great especially on the grey bits lol
Well take care all and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year 
Luv Von ♥

8 comments: said...

Happy Xmas Von - so pleased all is well and love the magenta hair - way to go girl! keep Happy and Healthy in 2015! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you are doing well, and nice to see you are still making your nice creations. Happy Christmas, hugs, Valerie

Lottie me said...

Wonderful to hear your news, you couldn't wish for a better present. Would love to see your new hair colour. I absolutely adore your polymer clay pens. Did you buy special ones for the purpose?

Would love to see you polymer clay work. I am starting to dabble in it.

Suze Bain said...

Oh my word Von, I had no idea how ill you had been but what wonderful news that you have now been given the all clear. Definitely a time for celebrating and dyeing your hair! Lol! Those pens are absolutely fabulous, I've no idea how you did them. I have been a very lax blogger this year too, sometimes life just takes over! Wishing you the merriest (hic!) of Christmases and health and happiness in 2015. Xx

butterfly said...

So happy to hear your all-clear news, Von - that's fantastic. And happy to hear there's been lots of crafty creativity going on - cards and pens all looking great. Whether or not you've got around to blogging, the crafting is really the point!! And magenta hair sounds like a great way to celebrate... Hope you're enjoying a wonderful 12 Days.
Alison xx

Craftyfield said...

Very happy news indeed! Glad to know you still craft and making lovely projects too. I am quite taken by your pens and the Butterfly JoFy card.
Best wishes for 2015!

Julia S-W said...

Von, I had no idea about all this but I'm so pleased to read your news. It's good that you're creating too - it is a must for someone like you!
I love the pens particularly.
Please take care of yourself and I'm sorry I haven't been here much to know of your cancer.

Ann said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year Von. I love your pens, so creative, I've never used polymer clay before!! Loving your cards & those JOFY stamps too!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hugs Ann xxx