Saturday, 18 October 2008

Oh brother

What a few days it has been with rhumors of MSN closeing the groups and looking at varies places we can move to, at the moment we have a backup group on yahoo not my favourite place to be for chatty groups all those emails lol enought to drive you mad . Don't get me wronge I love the Yahoo groups I'm in but they arn't chatty ones .... well most of the time .

Still it's a lovely autumn day today and the apples are falling off the trees

Monday, 13 October 2008

I have been a bit quiet here it's harder keeping up with a blog than I thought it would be lol so hats off to you all who manage it every week.

I have done a few cards for swap on an msn group I co-manage with a friend, so that does take a fair bit of my time. We are doing a Christmas weekly challenge for october Last week was tags and this week is funky got to think about that lol

This tag card is my frist attempt at Tim Holtz 12 days of christmas... think I could do better, just wish I could get the big tags he uses.
Now I'm wondering whats best ........ takeing a photo or useing the scaner