Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week 7 Just for fun

I  do enjoy visting your blogs to see your take on the on the Just for Fun Challenge and this week Zoe wants us to try a new format . There's plenty I haven't tried, mainly cards but still didn't fancy doing one of those so thought I'd do a triptych, mine is tiny, as you see by the atc in the background, I like little things lol. It's made from MDF that I have hinged it with paper on the outside.
Don't forget to check out the challenge to see what Zoe Sam and Neet have come up with :) at Just for Fun


Zoechaos said...

Having seen this for real can say the the paper hinge works perfectly the 'shutters' close perfectly, however it is made to be open and seen. Very pretty Von it is very small and must have been very fiddly. XOXO Zoe

Neet said...

Wow Von, I am impressed - you made this yourself! Love the colour and the images - what a lovely atc.

Sue said...

This is very pretty Von, well done to you for making something so delicate x

sam21ski said...

Wow Von, I didn't realise how small it was until you showed it against the atc, way too fiddly for me though!!! Love the colours and images you've chosen to decorate it with - lovely xxx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Brilliant aw I wish IO could do that ! Love those colours too.