Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jenny Mayes Card workshop

A few weeks ago I did a workshop with Jenny at the Worthing show, we made 2 but I've lost one
So here are three toppers ready to be put onto cards
All are water coloured with Marvey le plume but I have used chalk for the sand

This is the card we did at the workshop and I mounted and add the liquid applique at home


Zoechaos said...

Love these lovely painting and great fun images. Watching you on Saturday realised how quick they are to do as well!

Neet said...

Lovely Von - so envious of you having learned this technique. Hope you continue to use it as these are stunning.

Cath Wilson said...

They're very evocative of the seaside, which is what you want, isn't it? Love 'em.